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Homeopathy Remedies For Gastric Issues You Need To Know About

by Jetal Rajput 11 Jul 2024


Since our gut is responsible for breaking down essential nutrients and keeping the body running, even the slightest problems in our gastrointestinal function can completely break down our ability to function properly. Gastric issues can make us feel weak, distracted and in pain. 

At this time most of us go to a doctor. However, for some, the realization is quick that modern medicines have many side effects. 

Homeopathy is an alternative but equally popular treatment option that has minimum side effects and aligns with the natural gut microbiome. It believes that ‘like cures like’ and uses holistic care and an individualized approach to strengthen our bodies so that they can fight their problems.

Understanding Common Causes for Gastric Problems and its Symptoms

After all, the term ‘digestive disorders’ is a rather brought umbrella that includes several different kinds of problems. Some of the most common ones recognised by homeopathy are:

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

A condition that can last for years, GR disease is viewed in homeopathy as a situation where food and liquid from our stomach come right back up, causing nausea and indigestion.To deal with this, homeopathy uses small doses of natural remedies to help you feel better and keep food down. It's like using little drops of magic from plants and minerals to make your digestive system functional again.


In homeopathy, acidity is seen as an imbalance in your body's harmony, which causes your stomach to produce too much acid. It is believed that every person has a unique metabolic pattern, and when this pattern is disturbed by stress, diet, or lifestyle, it can lead to symptoms like acidity. In this way, homeopathic treatment attacks the root cause of the problem instead of simply reducing the symptoms.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Ever had irregular, painful and constipated bowel movements despite doing everything right? Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), in homeopathy, is when your stomach feels upset and causes bloating, along with changes in your bowel movements.

IBS can have several contradictory symptoms and can include several subtypes. Proper digestion, increased metabolism and reduction of stress can reverse this disease in its early stages.

Best Homeopathic Treatment for Gastric Problems

Gasgan Eazy Sugar Free Syrup

Without a doubt, the Gasgan Eazy Sugar Free Syrup is one of the most effective, all-rounder medicines to heal gastric issues. It not only helps in relieving heartburn, but also flatulence.

Gasgan Eazy Sugar Free Syrup has a carminative formulation which can be used against acidity. Not only this, but this syrup is effective against bloating, discomfort, nausea, abdominal discomfort, and eructation.

Common Homeopathic Remedies for Gastric Problems 

The beauty of homeopathic medicine is that it is open to subjective experiments without many ramifications.Gasgan Eazy syrup, for example, is a magical concoction made out of several trusted homeopathic ingredients that can be taken individually as well: 

  • Foeniculum Vulgare (Saunf)- Saunf is quite effective against gastric issues. It has good carminative property that can be used against issues like bloating and gas. Saunf has also been well known to aid digestion.
  • Mentha Piperita (Peppermint/Pudina)- Pudina or Mentha Piperita relaxes the muscle in the digestive tract. This way this homeopathic remedy can help reduce gas. It also aids in digestion and reduces cramps.
  • Nux Moschata (Nutmeg/Jaiphal)- Nux Moschata is also an essential remedy against gastric issues. Nutmeg is often recommended to people who suffer from bloating or indigestion. It also helps relieve nausea and hiccups.
  • Zingiber Officinalis (Ginger/Adrak)- Ginger is a common household remedy that is often used against various conditions including gastric issues. Zingiber Officinalis also known as Ginger, has anti-inflammatory properties and can be used for aiding digestion. Also used for acidity, flatulence.
  • Carum Carvi (Caraway Seeds/Shahi Jeera)- Shahi Jeera has anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties and is also rich in antioxidants. It has carminative & antiflatulent action hence help relieve colic & bloating. 
  • Illicium Anisatum (Star Anise/Chakra Phool)-  Star Anise is not only a remedy against gastric issues, but it can also be used as a cooking ingredient. Indian households often use it to add aroma to food, but also to ease gastric issues. It helps aid in digestion plus it also helps relieve colic mainly due to flatulent condition.
  • Robinia Pseudoacacia- This is another remedy that is found effective against excessive acidity, vomiting, and other gastric issues. This can also help relieve pain in the stomach. 
  • Asafoetida- Asafoetida, commonly known as hing, is a spice for households and also a homeopathic remedy. This is often used as a flavouring agent in food and also holds medicinal properties to help aid digestion & relieve colic. 


    The medicines and ingredients listed above have been proven by research to give miraculous benefits to chronic pain and diseases. Unlike mainstream medicine, homeopathy usually takes a little more time to act but provides long-term results. Being a field ahead of its time, this practice always suggests using healthy habits and nutritional eating to complement the medication itself. Meet with a doctor without delay to get a better idea of how to deal with your issues!

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